ICMR recommends dividing the entire calorie consumption per day into 6-7 meals which includes 3 major meals and 3-4 snacks. “In general, represent

breakfast with 20% of total caloric needs, lunch, and dinner with 25- 30%, and each snack with 10% of daily calorie inputs,” it says.

The ICMR makes nutritional recommendations for those having type 1 diabetes. As per the ICMR guidelines the recommended carbohydrate intake is 50-55% of total calories; too much of it can hamper growth.

It has also said that in the parts of the country, mostly South-India and East-India, where simple carbohydrate is an essential part of the diet, the intake of complex carbohydrates should be encouraged to constitute at least 70% of the total carbohydrates.

The medical research organisation advises people to have healthy sources of carbohydrate foods like wholegrain bread and cereals/ millets, legumes (peas, beans, and lentils), fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products.

It also recommends having 14 g of fiber per 1000 kcal. “Recommended daily intake for fats is up to 30% of total calories. Infants and children younger than two years of age may have a higher daily fat intake of up to 35%,” it says about including fat in the diet.

While the recommended protein intake is 15-20% of the calorie requirement, it can be calculated as 2 g/kg at one year, 1 g/kg at ten years to 0.8-0.9 g/kg in adolescence.

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