Local Israeli media reported on Sunday that the Tel Aviv regime has planned to add more countries to its travel warnings list after Iran announced it would take revenge on those who were behind the recent assassination against IRGC member Sayad Khodaei.

In this regard last week, the Israeli Foreign Ministry warned the Zionists about traveling to Turkey.

Channel 12 of Israel reported that due to security concerns of Israeli officials about Iran’s actions, the Foreign Ministry is considering the issue of banning the Zionists from traveling to more countries.

The channel also noted that Iran might seek to take revenge for martyr Sayad Khodaei’s assassination this summer. The report did not say which countries would be put on the travel warnings list.

The report comes after the Israeli National Security Council amended its travel warning to Turkey last month. The council said there was a tangible threat to Israelis from Iran in Turkey and surrounding countries.

Different Iranian government officials and military officials have vowed that Iran will take revenge on the perpetrators behind the assassination of martyr Khodaei.


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