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Hyderabad: Bharatanatyam artiste Subbulakshmi, founder director of ‘Subbulakshmi’s Nrityashala’ in Hyderabad and a post-graduate from Kalakshetra Foundastion, Chennai, has recently organised their debut annual dance festival titled ‘Abhyudaya Utsav’.

The two-day dance festival, featuring performances by seasoned dancers as well as upcoming artistes, was held at Nishumbita, Begumpet, and Shilparamam, HITEC City, with the aim of getting back the traditional form of full repertoire of the Bharatanatyam margam. The festival also featured solo and duet performances.

Subbulakshmi, the brain behind this festival, says, “We successfully completed the first year of our annual dance festival though there were many challenges; but one has to the take initiative and gain control over the hurdles as I believe in ‘art for art’s sake’.”

This festival not only brought tremendous joy to artistes, rasikas, and patrons alike, besides also serving to fulfill fine arts education purposes, shares this dance teacher of the Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet.

“‘Abhyudaya’ signifies the sunrise. Any art form makes one feel on a higher plane and elevates the soul, as art helps to realise the reality and experience liberation and ultimately brings joy. It was a great opportunity for students of the classical art form and a privilege for all to watch eminent artistes in the field of classical dance for inspiration and reinforcement of this evergreen theme,” she says.

In its debut year, the nrityashala’s dance festival showcased the performances of veteran performers in various Indian classical dance forms:

A duet performance by Nidhessh Kumar and Indumohan, directed by Indisha, Chennai, and faculty member of Kalakshetra Foundation.
The mother-daughter duo Subbulakshmi and Laasya Rana gave a duet Bharatanatyam performance.
A group dance performance by Ashrita Vemuganti (classical dancer, television host and actor) and her team.
An ensemble performance by students (senior and junior) of Subbulakshmi’s Nrityashala.

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