NEW DELHI: Suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, in the news after her controversial remarks about Prophet Muhammad, has received support from an unlikely quarter.
Dutch member of Parliament Geert Wilders, known for his far-right views on Islam and a host of other issues, has come out in support of Sharma and called for Indians to rally behind her.
Nupur Sharma only spoke the truth, Wilders told an Indian TV channel during an interview. He also lambasted Arab countries critical of India, for their treatment of minorities. Calling such countries “hypocrites,” Wilders said they have the worst track record in the world vis-à-vis human rights.
He also said that “true” democracies like India and Netherlands need to assert their sovereignties and stand up to pressure from Islamic nations.
“It is ridiculous that Arab and Islamic countries are angered by Indian politician Nupur Sharma for speaking the truth,” he said in a tweet. “The whole Indian nation should rally around Nupur Sharma now and support her,” he further said.
Wilders revealed he has been receiving detah threats, including from Pakistan and India, for defending Nupur Sharma.
He also said he has been living in protected environments ever since receiving death threats after making a documentary on Quran, 17 years back.
A leader of Netherland’s Party of Freedom and a long-time parliamentrian, Wilders is no strager to controversies.
He is known to hold radical views on Islam and Muslims, and has openly advocated measures to halt migration of Muslims into Europe and Netherlands.
He has been criticised in the past for his views on the Quran and the Prophet. He also called for banning the Quran in Netherlands.
On the other hand, Wilders has been effusive in his appreciation for Israel.

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