Abdullatif Al-Washali

Press TV, Sana’a

Under the title “collusion and duplication in international reports,”¬†Yemen’s ministry of human rights has held a symposium to discuss the international positions in regards to the conflicts in Yemen, Palestine, and Ukraine.

Officials say Western politicians have repeatedly shown their racism towards other nations, especially following the break-out of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Saudi Arabia, backed by Washington, launched a deadly war on Yemen in March 2015, killing tens of thousands of civilians, including women and children.

Yemenis say the international community, including the United Nations, did not take any action to end the suffering of millions of Yemenis.

Experts say the Russia-Ukraine war has exposed double standards by the international community, criticizing it for taking a tough stance on Russia, while turning a blind eye to Saudi and Israeli crimes against people in Yemen and Palestine.

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