Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard Courtroom Notebook Showing Unseen Details Is Up For Auction

The current bid is over $14,000 and climbing. (File)

A courtroom notebook showing unseen details of the Johhny Depp and Amber Heard trial is up for sale on eBay. 

The highly-publicised defamation trial between the two Hollywood stars concluded on June 1 after six weeks in court. One man named Larry Foreman told TMZ that he took a trip from the US state of Kentucky to the Fairfax County Courthouse in Virginia to sit on the trial. He decided to jot down some notes and by the end of the trial, his notebook consisted of around 20 pages, which happened to cover between 23 and 26 days of the case. 

As per TMZ, the details in his memoirs supposedly contain reactions from jurors that weren’t picked by cameras. Now, as the case has wrapped, Mr Larry decided to list his notebook for sale on eBay. 

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The current bid is over $14,000 and climbing, with no final sale in sight as of yet. The notebook has been listed as “TOP SECRET: Johnny Depp Jury Trial Notes On Juror’s Reactions To Amber Heard”. 

As per the outlet, the spectator has decided to donate the highest bid to Children’s Hospital LA. He said that the donation was fitting as Amber Heard had previously testified that she would donate to the charity, but had yet to pay her committed contribution. 

Meanwhile, other similar memorabilia from trial-goers have also recently popped up on the resell site since the jury’s decision was announced. For example, a Johnny Depp “trial wristband overflow” was recently sold for a whopping $375. As per TMZ, one seller was also looking for “nearly 4-figures” for a paper bracelet. 

On June 1, a jury awarded Mr Depp significantly more damages than ms Heard, resulting in a legal victory for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. It found that Ms Heard had defamed Mr Depp in her December 2018 op-ed for Washington Post and awarded him $15 million, which was later capped at $10.35 million.

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On the other hand, Ms Heard was also awarded $2 million in damages in a counterclaim against her ex over defamatory comments made by his lawyer, who referred to her abuse claims as a “hoax”. 

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