SYDNEY: Australian cricket great and current Delhi Capitals coach Ricky Ponting on Thursday signed a three-year deal as head of strategy for the Tasmanian Hurricanes in Australia‘s Big Bash League.
The Hurricanes have never won the domestic T20 competition in their 11-year history and Tasmanian-born Ponting said that he was keen to change that.
“With a few tweaks in a couple of key areas, I believe the Hurricanes have the foundations to win our first BBL trophy,” said the 47-year-old, who played for the side in the first two years of the tournament.
“The competition and the game itself have changed enormously from when I played for the Hurricanes back in BBL 01 and BBL 02, and I now know so much more about the nuances of the T20 game now than I did then.
“I’m passionate about the progression of Tasmanian and Australian cricket across all forms of the game so to be asked to take on such a critical role for the Hurricanes is really special.”
Ponting’s first task is to help the Hurricanes secure a new head coach after Adam Griffith stepped down at the end of last season.
He will work with the coach on management decisions as well as team strategy and culture, but will not have a day-to-day role during the season and will continue to work as a cricket commentator during the Australian summer.
Ponting, who will also remain as coach of the Delhi Capitals, has not previously had an official off-field role in the BBL but he has worked as a coaching consultant for Australia in limited-overs cricket.
Ponting is regarded as one of the best batsmen of his generation and captained his country, before retiring from international cricket in 2012.

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