“Palestine remains a burning issue for the Muslims of the world.”

The Biggest Prison on Earth- Palestine

“Palestine remains a burning issue for the Muslims of the world.”

The issue of Palestine: the most important problem of the Islamic world:

The issue of Palestine is the most important issue of the world of Islam. No other international issue in the world of Islam is more important than the issue of Palestine because the domination of the occupiers of Palestine and Quds over this part of the Islamic Ummah is the source of many of the weaknesses and problems in the world of Islam.

Bait ul-Moqaddas The main pivot of the al-Aqsa Intifada is Bait ul-Moqaddas [Jerusalem] : In other words, the spark that provoked the anger of the Palestinian people was the Zionists’ affront to the al-Aqsa mosque. Having realized their great mission to safeguard the sanctity of one of the most sacred Islamic sites, the Palestinian people entered the arena of struggle against the Zionists.

Occupation of Palestine: a long-held western wish:

Certain western powers have always wished to occupy Palestine and holy Quds and the fact that they imposed the long Crusades on Muslims is a clear sign of their greed for this holy land.
After the Allied Powers defeated the Ottomans and entered Bait ul -Moqaddas some of their commanders said, “Today the Crusades came to an end!”

Palestinian uprising ruined all Israeli calculations: The second point that is very important is that this uprising has ruined all calculations of this usurping Zionist regime. This is because their calculations were based on the assumption that over time the Palestinian people would lose the energy and determination to fight back after those early pressures and after the exile of more than half the population of Palestine.

Israel’s defeat in the 33-day and 22-day wars: signs of steep decline Two important events are Israel’s unbelievable military and political defeat against the Lebanese Islamic Resistance in the 33-day war in Lebanon in the year 1427 of the Islamic calendar and the humiliating defeat of the Zionist regime in the 22-day war on the people and the legitimate government of Palestine in Gaza.

Resistance of the people of Palestine: an obstacle in the way of Israel: Of course, the Palestinian nation is powerful: it has proven this.

The Palestinian nation has proven that it has the power to resist. It has proven that it is highly motivated and that it will undoubtedly break the teeth of the brutal and blood-thirsty aggressor.

With its resistance and steadfastness, the Palestinian nation has created a big and insoluble problem for the fake and usurping Zionist state, a problem that this fake state had not faced over the past 50 years. The pressure that the Zionists and their supporters exert on the oppressed people of Palestine is because their movement and their uprising have created such a problem for global arrogance and colonialism that all calculations have been ruined.

By: *Sayyed Mehdi Rizvi (Revolutionary Human Rights Activist, Mumbai-India)

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