The President stated that all indicators indicate a very bright future for the country and the country’s economy, saying, “Thanks to the Almighty, I see the future of the country very bright in the hands of you capable young in this war of wills”.

Speaking on Thursday afternoon in a meeting with different groups of the people of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi congratulated Imam Reza’s (AS) birthday and said that more than 2,500 martyrs and more than 7,000 veterans of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari is proof of the province’s sincerity in adhering to the divine values and the Revolution.

The President further described courage, self-sacrifice, bravery, endurance and resistance as prominent features of the people of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari that have always appeared in history, saying, “Knowing the way, the leader and the path indicators are also prominent features of the people of this province”.

Stating that the enemies have made great efforts in the past 40 years and tested the people of this region many times, he said, “The enemy saw in action that the people and nomads of this land are people whose loyalty to the Revolution and the leader is exemplary and they defeated the enemy many times”.

The President continued, “The real sympathisers of the people are the producers and nomads who are engaged in production and activities in different parts of the country”.

Stating that the enemy does not want this country to achieve and develop the nuclear industry, advanced military industries, automobile industry and other advanced industries, Ayatollah Raisi said, “The enemy knows that in this war of wills, the Iranian nation wants to progress. This is a war of wills so far and will continue to be so”.

The President stated, “In this war of wills, we follow the culture of Martyr General Haj Qasem Soleimani, who said ‘we can’. The culture of ‘we can’ is victorious. The enemies did not think that the Iranian nation would achieve much. They did not want us to be successful in the region, but the Iranian nation, despite all the sanctions and threats, took great steps towards independence and self-sufficiency”.

Dr Raisi emphasised, “The enemies did not want Iran’s position to be superior, but they failed and once again came and tried and incited the Greeks by bullying and stole our ship, but the Iranian nation proved to them that the era of ‘hit and run’ is over. And in exchange for one ship, two of their ships were seized. As a result, you heard today that the Greeks announced that they would return it”.

Asking the question of ‘how many times do you need to test the Iranian nation and not listen to its right words’? the President pointed out, “The Iranian nation is serious about its right. Did you think that if you issue a resolution against Iran in the Board of Governors, we will withdraw from our positions? In the name of God and the great nation of Iran, we will not take a single step back from our positions”.

Ayatollah Raisi continued, “Didn’t you issue several statements and resolutions in international organisations against Iran due to your political influence? Did you achieve anything? Didn’t you sit around the tables about Palestine and decide against the oppressed people of Palestine and the Palestinian warriors and issue resolutions? Were these measures effective? Were the Camp David, Sharm el-Sheikh, Oslo, and other agreements that you signed by persuading some Palestinians and some Arabs lead anywhere? Today, the one who has the initiative is the Palestinian warriors in the field”.

The President said, “In all meetings, speeches and stances inside and outside the country, I have always emphasised that we will not tie the country, industry, agriculture and the country’s progress to the will of outsiders, to their smiles and frowns. We will never make the people and the economy depend on the smiles or frowns of outsiders”.

Dr Raisi continued by stating that all our efforts is focused towards fulfilling the promises we made during the elections, and, God willing, we will be a sincere government, adding, “Our fundamental policy in the economy is based on the administration of justice”.

Ayatollah Raisi added, “I have come to the executive field with the intention of relying on my experience to change the role and shape of the mafia and rent-seeking”.

Dr Raisi continued, “Once, some people in the country used to say that if someone exports 100,000 to 200,000 barrels of oil per day, we will give him a privileged position in the government, but today we have reached the position we were before the sanctions without signing a contract, and proved that this is possible. Also, in the field of trade, today the country’s trade balance shows success”.

The President stated that all indicators indicate a very bright future for the country and the country’s economy, saying, “Thanks to the Almighty, I see the future of the country very bright in the hands of you capable young in this war of wills”.

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