NEW DELHI: From claiming fabrics that kill 99% of coronavirus and germs to wall paints and plywood effective against such viruses/germs, reputed manufacturers and advertisers have resorted to wild and misleading claims to woo customers, reports Dipak Dash. One major company advertised magnetic knee support and magnetic yoga and massage slippers for quick effect without having any such evidence, and another firm claimed eyewear products improve vision naturally.
Officials said these were only tip of the iceberg of how manufacturers and advertisers make unsubstantiated claims that attract buyers. Therefore, new guidelines, which were notified this week, on what are misleading and fair advertisements under the Consumer Protection Act were necessary.
Meanwhile,the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has taken astand against such claims and forced companies to withdraw their advertisements. It has also imposed fines. According to CCPA chief commissioner Nidhi Khare, the authority has so far issued 113 notices and more than half of these were related to misleading advertisements. She said 14 companies, including the one that had claimed their products to be anti-Covid and antigerms, have withdrawn such advertisements. Three companies have issued corrective advertisements.
The CCPA has imposed a Rs 10-lakh fine on three companies for misleading advertisements and another Rs 1 lakh on three other companies for unfair trade practice.

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