NEW DELHI/ BHUBANESWAR: BJP on Sunday accused Congress of making a drama out of Rahul Gandhi’s appearance before the ED in connection with the National Herald case .
“Both Sonia and Rahul are on bail. Rahul Gandhi is supposed to appear before the ED tomorrow (Monday). But Congress is making a huge drama out of it. They are calling all their leaders to Delhi. What is the use of all this drama?” BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said while talking to reporters in Bhubaneshwar on a day when Congress organised press conferences in state capitals to protest against ED’s move. “Present yourself in front of ED and accept the wrongdoing. What is this satyagraha? Gandhiji would be shamed to see this fake satya-graha of fake Gandhis. Rahulji, don’t try to escape the rule. This is a legal issue and not a political issue”, Patra said.
Rahul must appear before the ED and acknowledge the embezzlement of Rs 500 crore, he said. “They want to hide something, else why would they call their MPs to Delhi a day before Rahul appears before the ED,” he added.
The ED had on Friday issued fresh summons to Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi to appear before the agency on June 13 and June 23. While both Sonia and Rahul had stated that they would appear before ED, Congress suddenly came out with the plan to take out a march to ED office in Delhi.
BJP has denied the harassment charge, poining out that the National Herald case probe began under UPA. Par- ty circles have also drawn what they call a stark contrast between how Narendra Modi went alone to the office of SIT on Gujarat riots where he was grilled for hours and the response of the Congress party.
“If you write a book on corruption, the National Herald case will find its way in this book in a big way. Gandhi family members Sonia and Rahul are out on bail in this case,” said Patra and added, “Sonia may not appear before the ED as she is feeling unwell. Media outlets have shown this news. Whether Rahul will appear before the ED or not, it will be known on Monday,” he added.
Slamming Congress’s satyagraha, he said: “There is no use of all this drama. If you want to abide by the rule, present yourself in front of the ED and tell the truth that you have looted money,” he added.

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