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Adilabad: Farm activities gained momentum with onset of monsoon across erstwhile Adilabad. Farmers began preparing agricultural lands for raising various crops for this Vanakalam season.

Farmers began tilling fields, clearing weeds, erecting fences as part of the preparations for the ongoing agriculture season. Some of the farmers are dumping cow-dung and other organic fertilizers to improve fertility of the soil. In all, rural parts are witnessing farm activities, following the arrival of the monsoon a few days back.

Incidentally, the district is seeing brief showers bringing down temperatures on alternate days and cheering farmers. On Monday, Adilabad district registered an average rainfall of 16.6 mm. Ichoda mandal received the highest rainfall of 57.3 mm, followed by Narnoor mandal which had 36.4 mm of rainfall, while Indervelli and Adilabad Rural mandals saw 24 mm of rainfall each.

The average rainfall of Kumram Bheem Asifabad was gauged to be 10.7 mm. Jainoor mandal recorded the highest rainfall by 73 mm. Sirpur (U), Sirpur (T), Koutala and Kerameri mandals registered somewhere between 25 mm and 15 mm. Kasipet mandal of Mancherial district witnessed 42 mm of rainfall. Nirmal did not see rainfall.

On the other hand, the farmers are waiting to receive financial aid under the Raithu Bandhu scheme. The agriculture investment support is likely to be credited in the accounts from farmers after June 15. They can use the funds for buying inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, etc. They are thronging banks to get loans to raise crops. Certain farmers are depending on private sources of lending.

Cotton tops erstwhile district

According to information provided by authorities, various crops are going to be grown in 3.63 lakh acres in Mancherial district and 4.58 lakh acres in Kumram Bheem Asifabad district. The area of cultivation in Adilabad district is assessed to be 5.74 lakh acres. Cotton crop topped these districts. It is going to be raised in nearly 12 lakh acres in the erstwhile Adilabad district.

Meanwhile, spurious seeds menace continues to haunt the farmers. However, police advise the agrarian community not to buy fake seeds and register losses in growing the cash crop. They say that the substandard seeds can degrade the fertility of the soil and banned weedicide used can cause respiratory diseases to the growers.

KB Asifabad

Cotton 350,000

Paddy 55,000

Pigeon pea 50,000

Jowar 1,000

Others 2,000

Total 458,000

Farmers: 1,19,165


Cotton 190,000
Paddy 159,000

Pigeon pea 12,000

Green gram 1,500

Others 1,168

Total 363,668

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