Amber Heard Says She Still Loves Johnny Depp And Realises She Is 'Not A Perfect Victim'

Ms Heard will now focus on being a full-time mother to her one-year-old daughter.

In the second part of her first post-trial interview, Amber Heard has said that she realises that she is not a “perfect victim” and that she still has love for her ex-husband and actor Johnny Depp. 

Speaking with NBC News, Ms Heard revealed that she is afraid of potentially being sued again by Mr Depp. However, when asked by host Savannah Guthrie if, after everything, as she said in court during their defamation trial, she “still has love” for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, Ms Heard responded by saying, “Yes absolutely. I love him (Johnny Depp). I loved him with all my heart. And I tried the best I could to make a deeply broken relationship work and I couldn’t.”

The Aquaman actress added, “I have no bad feelings or ill will towards him at all. I know that might be hard to understand or it might be really easy to understand if you’ve just ever loved anyone… It should be easy”

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Further, during the televised interview, Ms Heard also reflected on the public perception of her. When Ms Gutherie asked whether Mr Depp achieved “total global humiliation” for her – as the court heard he wrote in a text message to a friend – Ms Heard said, “I know he promised it”. 

The 36-year-old actress stated, “I’m not a good victim, I get it. I’m not a likeable victim, I’m not a perfect victim. But when I testified I asked the jury to see me and hear his own words which is a promise to do this, it seems as though he has.”

Ms Heard was even asked if she is nervous about what she can and cannot say now. She said, “Of course. I took for granted what I assumed was my right to speak.”

When asked if she had concerns that Mr Depp could sue her again in the future, she said, “I am scared that no matter what I do, no matter what I say or how I say it, every step that I take will present another opportunity for silencing, which I guess is what a defamation lawsuit is meant to do – to take your voice.”

In the end, as for her future, Amber Heard said she can now focus on being a full-time mother to her one-year-old daughter. 

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Ms Heard’s recent comments were made in the second half of her two-part interview. In the first part, the actress admitted she and Mr Depp were “awful to each other” and that she “made a lot of mistakes”. She also said that she believed that the vast majority of this trial was played out on social media and spoke of the vitriol directed at her by supporters of Mr Depp. 

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