Benny Ganz, the Israeli regime’s minister for military affairs

The Israeli regime’s minister for military affairs has proposed formation of a United States-led regional military front, featuring Tel Aviv and its Arab allies, against Iran.

Speaking on Tuesday, Benny Gantz cited the Israeli regime’s military cooperation with some Persian Gulf Arab countries as well as Egypt and Jordan, saying there were efforts to expand this cooperation.

“…what is needed is not just cooperation, but also a regional force build-up, with American leadership, which would strengthen all parties involved,” the Israeli official said.

He said the regime was “working continually” towards enabling formation of such an alliance.

The US mediated normalization deals between the occupying regime and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in August 2020. Sudan and Morocco followed suit by joining the so-called Abraham Accords.

Saudi Arabia has backed the agreements, and is widely expected to be the next regional Arab state which would forge an official relationship with the regime.

Ganz’s remarks came ahead of a regional visit by US President Joe Biden. The July 13-16 tour will take Biden to Saudi Arabia and the occupied Palestinian territories.

The visit is expected to bring about more gravitation among the regional Arab states and the Israeli regime. Such occasions have also been traditionally used towards demonization of the Islamic Republic and its nuclear and defensive programs.

The Islamic Republic has, on numerous occasions, warned the countries of the region against allowing foreign interference into intra-regional equations, saying the problems of the region have to be resolved through dialog and among its own members.

It has also rejected any allegations against its peaceful nuclear energy activities, calling on the international community to rather hold the Israeli regime accountable over Tel Aviv’s military nuclear program.

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