Amina Taylor

Press TV, London

Survivors, residents of the community and wider supporters gathered to remember the victims of the Grenfell inferno five years on.

Many had gathered in the shadow of the building that still stands as a constant reminder of June 14th when an inferno engulfed the tower block, leaving scores dead and thousands of others impacted and the nation traumatized.

Dignitaries including politicians and royalty paid their respects and and for all the acts of heroism during the blaze and in its aftermath the scars still run deep.

The re-occurring theme when you speak to people here is the sense of frustration and anger at the way in which survivors, victims, the community, and members of their families were all treated and continue to be treated. The pledges that were made, the promises that were broken and the spectre of another Grenfell being possible.

The official inquiry chaired by Sir Martin Moore-Bick that has so far lasted four years and cost £149m pounds and counting is attempting to figure out what truly happened and who was responsible.

Those still fighting for answers are clear about justice will mean in this case.

Ahead any official findings, the community of Grenfell march, they remember, and they will continue the fight for answers and justice. 

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