NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who recalled sacrifices and qualities of his mother on her entering hundredth year, said she found happiness in other people’s joy and is extremely large-hearted.
He recalled that Abbas, son of his father’s friend, stayed with them till he finished his studies. PM Modi said in a blog that his mother Heeraben was affectionate and caring towards Abbas “just like she did for all of us siblings” and use to prepare his favourite dishes every year on Eid.
“Mother would find happiness in other people’s joys. Our house may have been small, but she was extremely large-hearted. A close friend of my father used to stay in a nearby village. After his untimely death, my father brought his friend’s son, Abbas, to our home. He stayed with us and completed his studies,” PM Modi wrote.
“Mother was as affectionate and caring towards Abbas just like she did for all of us siblings. Every year on Eid, she used to prepare his favourite dishes,” PM Modi said in a blog dedicated to his mother. On festivals, it was commonplace for neighbourhood kids to come to our house and enjoy Mother’s special preparations,” he added.
The Prime Minister said that across the world, irrespective of country or region, children have a special affection for their mothers.
“Mother – is not just any other word in the dictionary. It encompasses a whole range of emotions – love, patience, trust, and a lot more. Across the world, irrespective of country or region, children have a special affection for their mothers. A mother not only gives birth to her children, but also shapes their mind, their personality, and their self-confidence. And while doing so, mothers selflessly sacrifice their own personal needs and aspirations,” he said.
“Today, I feel extremely happy and fortunate to share that my mother Heeraba is entering her hundredth year. This is going to be her birth centenary year. If my father had been alive, he too would have celebrated his 100th birthday last week. 2022 is a special year as my mother’s centenary year is starting, and my father would have completed his,” he added.
Recalling his mother’s “selfless nature”, the Prime Minister wrote that she would request the Sadhus who would visit the neighbourhood to bless the children rather than asking for anything for herself.
“Whenever a Sadhu visited our neighbourhood, Mother would invite them to our humble home for a meal. True to her selfless nature, she would request the Sadhus to bless us children rather than asking anything for herself. She would urge them, “Bless my children so that they are happy in others’ joys and empathetic in their sorrows. Let them have bhakti (devotion for the Divine) and sevabhav (service to others),” PM Modi wrote.
“Ma, a very happy birthday to you. Best wishes as you start your birth centenary year. I have never been able to muster the courage to write at length publicly about your life until now. I pray to the Almighty for your health and wellbeing, and your blessings on all of us. I bow at your feet,” PM Modi said.

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