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Hyderabad: This article will help you deal with questions related to Telangana State in the upcoming government recruitment exams. Here are a few sample questions on Telangana Sociology  that you can practice.

1. The word Scheduled Castes (SC) was used first by
a) Mahatma Gandhi b) Ambedkar c) Simon Commission d) Indira Gandhi
Ans: c

2. What was the system during the early Vedic period?
i) Occupation based classification ii) Hierarchical structure
iii) Mobility from one caste to the other iv) Commensality reels
a. i and ii b. ii and iv c. iii and iv d. ii and iii
Ans: b

3. The word ‘Sociology’ is derived from
a) Society and logus b) Society and study
c) Societus and logos d) Societus and study
Ans: c

4. Who said – sociology is a ‘value free science’
a) Max Weber b) Raymond Murry
c) LF Ward d) Herbert Spencer
Ans. a

5. What was the reason behind the origin of society?
a) Revolution b) God’s will
c) Evolution d) Competition
Ans. c

6. In sociology the word society is used for –
a) The persons living in a definite geographical area
b) The persons of same religion
c) Groups and institution
d) The system of social relationships
Ans: d

7. Which of the following is characteristic of society?
a) Inter-dependence
b) Differences and likeness
c) Reciprocal social relationship
d) All of the above
Ans. d

8. Which of the following statement is true?
a) Society means likeness
b) Society means mutual aids
c) Society implies differences
d) All of the above
Ans. d

9) Who said – Human society has been cradled in rural groups?
a) Bogardus b) Ginsberg
c) Maciver d) Kimbal young
Ans: c

10) Which of the following is not a secondary group?
a) A peer group b) Labour union
c) Neighbourhood d) Both (a) and (c)
Ans: d

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