NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday inaugurated the main tunnel and five underpasses of the Pragati Maidan Integrated Transit Corridor project, an integral part of the Pragati Maidan redevelopment exercise and praised the artwork inside the tunnel.
The Pragati Maidan Integrated Transit Corridor project has been built at a cost of more than Rs 920 crore.
Stating that the project will ensure ease of living by helping save time and cost of commuters in a big way, the prime minister added that Delhi has received a beautiful infrastructure gift from Centre.
“Completing an Integrated Transit Corridor was not an easy work. The project had to undergo several obstacles, including Covid-19.. There’s no dearth of people in our country who knock on Judiciary’s door, disrupt the process of such projects. But this is new India which makes new Sankalp and takes efforts to fulfill them. I congratulate and thank the engineers who completed project in a coordinated manner, and too those too who worked on it,” said PM Modi.
The Prime minister also noted that the people had to face difficulties at ITO, saying, “When there are my programs, I tell my SPG plan my route before 5am or after 10pm so that people don’t have to suffer.”
Modi also praised the artwork inside the tunnel which had value addition, and suggested that if no vehicles can be allowed in the tunnel for 4 to 6 hours on Sunday and the art gallery is shown to school students.

Further, prime minister said that in past 8 years, the Delhi Metro network has been doubled and urged people to shift to Metro than using private vehicles.
The main tunnel connects Ring Road with India Gate via Purana Qila Road passing through Pragati Maidan. The six-lane divided tunnel has multiple purposes, including access to the huge basement parking of Pragati Maidan.
It is equipped with the latest global standard facilities such as smart fire management, modern ventilation and automated drainage, digitally controlled CCTV and Public Announcement system inside the Tunnel.

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