Max Civili

Press TV, Rome

On Saturday, demonstrations were held in more than twenty Italian cities as socio-economic conditions in the country worsen by the day.

Two years of tough restrictions to counter the Covid pandemic and the waves of sanctions against Russia that have followed Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine have precipitated Italy into its deepest depression since WW2.

In Rome, thousands of people gathered in People’s Square for a demonstration called by Italy’s major trade union CGIL. Unionists called on the government to put an end to precarious employment, socio-economic inequalities and to adopt measures to counter growing inflation and the ongoing energy crisis.

Also on Saturday, a string of left-leaning, pro-sovereignty movements staged anti-government protests in twenty-two cities, including Genoa, Trieste and Cagliari.

In the Italian capital, over one thousand people held a demonstration in protest against the sending of weapons to Ukraine and the adoption of sanctions against Russia which – they say – are only damaging Italy and the Italians.

There has been talk of a possible government crisis after Mario Draghi addresses the Senate on June 21. A growing number of lawmakers complain that no debate on crucial issues, including the effects on Italy of the sanctions against Russia, has so far occurred.

High inflation, rising energy costs, high levels of unemployment, all Italy’s socio-economic indicators are headed downwards. In addition to that, the wealthy northern Italy has been recently hit by an unprecedented drought which is severely threatening water supplies and the agri-food sector. As the country is struggling to cope with years of negligence and bad policies a hot autumn of strikes and protests is widely expected. 

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