Video Of Flying Peacock Is The Best Thing You Will See On Internet Today

The peacock appears to be heading towards a tree.

A video is going viral on social media that shows a flying peacock. The slow-motion video has been captured in beautiful green surrounding and the peacock seems to be heading towards a tree.

The clip, shared on Twitter by Buitengebieden on Monday, has been viewed nearly three million times.

A bird’s ability to fly depends on a lot of factors, including its weight. A peacock also has long feathers which makes it harder for them to fly high. It only flies for a short distance.

Many users liked the video and shared their own experiences.

“I’ve seen a lot of peacocks fly but not like the video.  The video makes them look like they fly at a distance. That isn’t what I usually see. Normally peacocks are flying short distances such as from the ground to a roof. If a peacock gets in to a house you get a fluttering mess,” one of them tweeted.

“Have about 30 of them.  While they don’t fly far ours will regularly fly about 1/4 mile (from our house to our neighbors).  They also chase coyotes, eat rattlesnakes, and will alert if someone goes on our property long before our dogs will,” said another user.

Earlier this month, a Delhi resident shared a beautiful moment on Instagram, which showed a peacock perched on her balcony before flying to the next building.

In the caption of the short clip, the user noted that peacocks often visit her place in Delhi. The video amassed more than 6 million views and over 6 lakh likes on Instagram.

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