NEW DELHI: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday revealed how he managed to cope with Enforcement Directorate’s marathon questioning in the National Herald case.
The former Congress president has been quizzed at the ED office in the national capital for more than 50 hours spread over five days till now.
Sharing details of his questioning, Rahul said: “I was made to sit in a small dark room. There were three ED officers questioning me. They would leave the room to take instructions but I sat on the chair for long hours and responded patiently to all their queries.”
Addressing the party leaders and workers, he said: “You must be thinking it must have been difficult for me to withstand the long ED questioning. But it was not at all diffcult, because I was not alone sitting on that chair. With me in that room was every leader and every worker of the Congress, everyone who fights against this government without fear, everyone who fights for democracy.”
Rahul claimed that the officers who quizzed him were also surprised and asked him how he managed to stay so calm?
“I decided not to tell them the truth and instead give some other reason. I told the officers that I practice Vipasna and hence can easily sit for long hours,” the Congress leader said.
“The officers who interrogated me also understood that it is not possible to scare or suppress any leader of the Congress because we stand for truth,” he said.
Rahul also claimed that the end of his questioning after 5 days, the ED officers lauded him for his patience.
The former Congress chief attributed this trait to his association with the party since 2004 and said it is an organisation that teaches everyone to be patient.

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