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Hyderabad: Banks saw frauds worth Rs 5,059 crore through ATMs, internet banking and credit cards in the past ten years from 2012-22. About 3.05 lakh complaints were lodged regarding these frauds, said RBI in a reply to queries raised under the Right to Information.

City-based Youth for Anti-Corruption (YAC) founder Rajendra Palnati has filed a petition seeking to know how many frauds have taken place in the last ten years across the country. According to information provided by RBI Public Information Officer Abhay Kumar, the recovery from these frauds reported stood at just Rs 171.9 crore and Rs 4,887 is still pending.

The value of frauds was the highest in 2017-18 (Rs 4,552.27 crore). Of this, only Rs 27.57 crore could be recovered.

The petition also sought to know how many cybercrimes have been registered across the country in the last ten years and how much money has been lost and how much has been recovered. RBI said it did not maintain a database exclusively under the filed cybercrime. It said it had no information on how many criminals have been sent to jail. It had details of frauds of Rs one lakh and above where banks had filed complaints with the State police/CBI.

Year                                      Number of frauds           Loss (Rs cr)                 Recovered (Rs cr)

2012-13                                            793                                 23.87                                    20.6

2013-14                                           978                                  32.24                                    15.29

2014-15                                           845                                  18.46                                    16.38

2015-16                                           1119                                 26.9                                       8.57

2016-17                                           1372                                27.77                                     8.99

2017-18                                          34791                              4552.27                                  27.57

2018-19                                          52304                             92.56                                      15.18

2019-20                                         73386                             82.60                                       24.78

2020-21                                         73988                             87.17                                       13.50

2021-22                                         65893                               115.35                                      21.07

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