The dream of every educated and trained youth is shattered when he/she does not see any future in the field they desire to choose. After getting rigorous training, coaching for tests, and hope to get the job in armed forces when after many years they get the announcement of recruitment with a new employment scheme AGNIPATH whereby they will be recruited for only four years will not help to solve unemployment problems for the youth. Apart from salary of Rs.30,000 less 30% (9000) deuction initially the government announced no pension no gratuity after completion of four year terminated service. Now after loss of lives and much agitation and losses to national properies, the government is announcing many concession and facilities , why with the announcement on day one they did not declare such things which would have pacified the Agnineers.

Normally the children of farmers and hard working middle class families are enouraged by the parents to join militery services. They feel proud if their son/daughter gets the chance to serve the country at least for seventeen years. Parents spend money on their education, training and coaching and hope their children one day will join armed forces and not only the future of their children but their own retired life will have soma stability. Under such uncertainity during the service of just four years they can not make any plan for thmselves and their parents. Marriage of Agniveer, children’s education, housing, free medical, travelling allowances, 2 months annual leave, retirement benefits, pension etc they plan with their employment with armed forces. If these dreams are not fullfilled after somuch sacrifices of themselves and their parents they get frustrated if such short term employment schemes are offered to them subsequently sometime becomes violent which has no place in a civilisef society.

Secondly it is surprising that those political leaders and armed forces personnel are trying to justify the new employment scheme who are in politics /armed forces for decades and explaining the merits and benefits of employment scheme only for four years. They enjoyed handsome salaries, perks, free housing, luxurious life in politics and armed forces, free medical facilities, education to children, travelling allowances, retirement benifits, pensions etc and advising youth to avail this employment scheme only for four years. If the government and the seniors in the armed forced want young people under their disposal plan such things in normal conditions, when country is facing acute unemployment problem in every sector in India such short term schemes will hurt the job aspirants.

The government should on priority basis first try to eliminate unempoyment and poverty from the country , when the society will be free from such problems then under normal conditions bring reforms to make our armed forces young and strong. Every scheme and policy carries merits and demerits , introduce something helpful and attractive to make implementation successful.The government is not ready to accept any shortcomings in the scheme and the opposition does not see any merit in it. It is very obvious that senior personnel in the armed forces will support government stand.

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