NOIDA: Bulldozers turned up at a tony housing society in Noida on Monday morning and tore down allegedly illegal parts of the plush ground-floor apartment of Shrikant Tyagi, a political functionary who the police have been unsuccessfully chasing for four days after booking him in a molestation case.
The bulldozers were dispatched by the Noida Authority after Sunday evening’s “ashamed this is our government” outburst in front of TV cameras by BJP‘s Noida MP Mahesh Sharma, who was furious that supporters of Tyagi had entered the Sector 93B condominium and raised slogans in his favour.
Tyagi, who claims to be a member of BJP’s Kisan Morcha, has been disowned publicly by the party.
On Monday, with chief minister Yogi Adityanath ordering strict action against him and seeking a report from the home department, police said they were initiating proceedings under the Gangsters Act against Tyagi and announced a reward of Rs 25,000 for information on his whereabouts.
“We are taking action against Shrikant Tyagi under the Gangsters Act and all his illegal property will be identified,” Noida police commissioner Alok Singh told TOI.

UP: Noida administration demolishes illegal construction at Shrikant Tyagi’s residence

UP: Noida administration demolishes illegal construction at Shrikant Tyagi’s residence

Residents want Tyagi arrested at the earliest
The decision to send bulldozers to the Noida condominium to raze parts of the posh apartment of absconding neta Shrikant Tyagi drew questions from various RWAs, which pointed out that the practice of making illegal extensions and additions to flats is rampant across the city and the action against Tyagi should be replicated in other cases of violations too. Officials said in Tyagi’s society alone, Noida Authority has issued notices to over 200 residents in the past on illegal constructions.
On Monday, the bulldozers – and men armed with sledgehammers – remained restricted to Tyagi’s apartment, where extensions had been fashioned at the side and the back, besides a private access that had been built to the common basement so that Tyagi could reach his cars straight from his flat. A maintenance worker of the society said, “Tyagi’s clout is such that no one dares question him.”
Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari said, “Following a complaint by the apartment owners association, the Noida Authority had issued notices to him in October 2019 and 2020 asking him to remove encroachments. The Authority had threatened to carry out a demolition drive and recover the cost from him, in case he did not comply with the order. Subsequently, he removed the encroachments in 2021. The new encroachments were probably done in 2022, but no one had filed a complaint with the Authority. As soon as we received a complaint, we acted according to rules.”
Tyagi had allegedly encroached on the society’s common area in the flat’s backyard with wooden and glass constructions. A portion of the lawn was also encroached by him. This was what led to the argument with residents, who had objected to him planting palm trees in the common area. A video surfaced last Friday showing Tyagi’s standoff with a fellow resident over this. He was booked under Section 354 of the IPC for pushing her.
The bulldozers, accompanied by a police team, got to work around at tower D of the society at 9am.
Residents demanded Tyagi’s arrest at the earliest. Colonel Ajit Singh, a resident, said, “Tyagi has no fear of law. It is evident from his abusive behaviour even after knowing that the entire incident was being recorded. A similar thing happened in 2019, but he still went ahead with illegal constructions. We demand his arrest.”

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