Acing Hybrid Work 101: Here's How WeWork Can Help

To stay ahead of the curve, WeWork India offers a range of products and services

India’s work and workspace landscape has evolved significantly over the last two years, with individuals and enterprises looking for flexible, agile and cost-effective solutions to their workspace problems.

Flexible working hours and rostered shifts have given rise to new working styles amidst the new normal, paving the way for hybrid work.

As organisations increasingly adopt the hybrid working model, flexible workspace providers like WeWork India are coming up with customised offerings to meet their evolving demands.

Staying ahead of the curve, WeWork India offers a range of products and services catering to working professionals across start-ups, freelancers, self-employed individuals and scaled enterprises in India.

Whether you are an employee looking to reduce commute time, an enterprise looking for custom-built office spaces, or a creator looking for space to shoot, WeWork provides a range of innovative solutions to help businesses ease into their new routines and have a better day at work.

Private Office

Today’s diverse workforce demands flexibility in all aspects of their professional life, including the offices they work at. WeWork’s customisable Private Offices effortlessly accommodate the needs of teams of all sizes, right from one individual to more than a 100 professionals.

This allows individuals and teams to work in tandem from the comfort of a private, lockable, access-controlled office space with shared amenities, while enjoying the added benefits of flexibility.

Customised Solutions

There has been a consistent rise in the demand from enterprises for flexible workspaces. Companies are increasingly adopting hybrid work models and focusing on offering a superior workspace experience to its workforce.

WeWork’s Customised Solutions provide fully dedicated and customisable spaces ranging from full floors to entire buildings, each coupled with world class amenities.

Managed Office By WeWork

A workspace should be tailored to fit the preferences of individuals and meet their changing needs.

WeWork offers custom-built office spaces to members, providing them optimum economies of scale through an asset-light portfolio and elimination of overhead expenses.

End-to-end solutions include sourcing of the asset, its design, build and day-to-day operations. The Managed Office by WeWork offers a custom office to be delivered to members on day one.

Being the subject matter expert for the design, build, administration and operation of the space, WeWork creates a bespoke space which stays true to the corporate design philosophy and standards of members. 

WeWork On Demand

WeWork On Demand is one of the product offerings which has seen immense success among members since its launch in 2020. It is a daily pass launched by WeWork India where an individual can book (pay) one-day access to select buildings on a microsite with just a click.

Opting for this also allows enterprises to provide flexibility and customization to employees, contributing to increased productivity and a stronger work-life balance through access to 40 spaces spread across 6 key cities.

With hybrid work models paving the way forward, this offering helps members get back to work in a flexible manner that fits their needs.

WeWork On Demand membership has witnessed a growth of 300% with a return rate of almost 55%. May 2022 saw a 3x increase in sales, thus highlighting the strong demand among the working professionals.

Hot Desk

WeWork’s Hot Desk offering allows the flexibility of 24/7 access to a WeWork location, but not necessarily the same desk each time.

With a myriad of benefits including convenience and cost effectiveness, this offering enables both self-employed individuals as well as established companies to stay productive and connected.

Opting for a monthly subscription of Hot Desk at WeWork provides members with access to free-flowing coffee, quiet rooms for meditation, showers, bathroom necessities like lotion and hair products, as well as perks like community meals and networking events. 

WeWork All Access

With the country gradually returning back to work, professionals have started travelling frequently to different locations for business operations.

WeWork All Access is a monthly subscription plan with flexible term length which offers its members access to more than 800 WeWork locations globally.

Additionally, members can avail any of the five monthly credits included with the WeWork All Access membership to book conference rooms or private offices in a seamless manner, wherever their work takes them.

Virtual Offices

Any company that wants to start a business in India must first register themselves with an official company address, which many businesses may not have in their nascent stages.

WeWork identified this gap in the market and launched Virtual Offices, which enables businesses or individuals to have a professional address on a subscription basis through its network of office spaces in prime locations.

Available across all six cities, it includes mail and package handling along with monthly credits of INR 2500 for day passes and conference rooms, minus the overheads of a physical office.

Besides this, members can access any WeWork office and avail the use of a day pass or conference room through their Virtual Offices membership.

WeWork ensures an end to end digital process for registration including NOC signing and agreement processing which can be done within a couple of minutes, along with multiple other perks. 

Events, Studios, Shoots

A first-of-its-kind production studio by WeWork aims to support the ever-evolving needs of companies who want to stay relevant and innovative.

Staying abreast of ongoing industry trends has always been crucial for flex space providers to understand and cater to the needs of a growing portfolio of diverse members.

This offering allows digital creators to record and shoot and create content professionally and cost-effectively.

WeWork’s diverse spaces enable individuals and organisations to host events and celebrations against a backdrop designed to transform it into the perfect set for shoots of varying scales.

With such diverse product offerings at play, finding a well-equipped workspace for a productive day at work is no longer a challenge.

You can work near home or work at a location closer to your next meeting, shoot at an outdoor location or in a designated studio, get a professional address for your new startup or set up a new office without any hassles, all through the innovative solutions provided by WeWork.   

Without further ado, go ahead and choose your customised WeWork product offering today!

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