Video: Joe Biden Struggles With Jacket, Drops Aviators On Tarmac

Joe Biden will face a crucial election in just three months.

A video has surfaced on social media that shows US President Joe Biden struggling to wear his jacket after getting down from his Marine One helicopter in Kentucky. He was returning after meeting families affected by the devastating floods on Monday when the video was shot. It shows First Lady Jill Biden helping her husband get hold of the jacket’s sleeve. He fumbled for several seconds before turning to Mrs Biden for help. As the US President adjusted his coat successfully, his aviator sunglasses fell off from his face and onto the tarmac.

Mr Biden picked up the glasses that were still intact before removing his mask and proceeding to speak to the reporters. He answered a few questioned before boarding the Air Force One on his way back to Washington, DC.

During his visit, Mr Biden promised flood victims that their shattered lives will be restored – a message of optimism he hopes to beam right through a divided America three months before elections that will decide the fate of his presidency.

The presidential motorcade rolled past scenes of savage natural violence – trees torn to pieces, yellow school buses tossed like toys, and fragments of people’s houses and belongings festooning the banks of a minor creek that had transformed into a sort of tsunami.

After visiting the affected families, Mr Biden said that the natural calamity was a moment to recall deep bonds.

“Everyone has an obligation to help,” Biden said. “I promise you, we’re staying, the federal government, along with the state and county and the city, we’re staying until everybody’s back to where they were. Not a joke.”

This was the President’s first official trip after testing positive for Covid-19 last month and spending two weeks in quarantine at the White House.

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