NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday paid tributes to those who participated in the Quit India movement and said it brought together people from all sections of society.
The decisive campaign against the British rule was launched this day in 1942 on Mahatma Gandhi‘s call at the Bombay session of the Congress on August 8 in his famous “do or die” speech.
An alarmed British government arrested the top leadership of the Congress but people embraced Gandhi’s call.
“Remembering all those who took part in the Quit India Movement under Bapu’s leadership and strengthened our freedom struggle,” Modi tweeted, posting a clip of his earlier address in which he had spoken about it.

Modi also shared great socialist leader Jayaprakash Narayan’s remark “August 9 has become a burning symbol of our national revolution”.
“Inspired by Bapu, the Quit India Movement witnessed remarkable participation from people across all sections of society including greats like JP and Dr. Lohia,” Modi tweeted.

The Prime Minister also posted a picture of Gandhi at the start of the Quit India movement in Bombay.

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