Twitter was down for thousands of users on Tuesday, according to outage tracking website The microblogging service currently has over 33,000 reports on the downtime tracker, which tracks outages by collating status reports from a number of sources, showed more than 15,000 outage reports. Meanwhile, the service appears to be working normally in India, with a small spike of 500 user reports of being unable to access Twitter. Gadgets 360 was able to access the service, and Twitter’s status page does not show any issues with the service.

According to, there were 33,184 user reports of Twitter downtime at 11:38pm IST on Tuesday. On the other hand, there were 520 user reports on around the same time. At the time of filing this report, Twitter’s status page showed that all systems were operational, with no issues reported on Tuesday. The service later acknowledged that some users were unable to access their timelines, adding that it was working on a fix.

Netblocks, a group that monitors intentional downtime of online services and the Internet, stated that Twitter is experiencing international outages, but that the incident was not related to country-level internet disruptions or filtering. 

Twitter last experienced downtime in July, when the service was inaccessible to thousands of users for hours. The microblogging service was operational in India at the time, but over 54,600 users around the world were unable to use Twitter, according to Downdetector.  

Notorious for outages in its early years, Twitter used its popular “Fail Whale” illustration, a beluga being lifted by birds, for such incidents until in 2013 when it discontinued the logo. Services like Meta’s WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger were completely inaccessible for several users back in October last year.   

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