KOCHI: Kerala‘s total Covid cases may be showing a decline but there is no respite from daily new deaths. The state now reports 25-30% of the daily new Covid deaths in India.
Kerala has so far reported 2,037 Covid deaths per one million people, the highest in the country. This is almost double of Maharashtra, which comes second with 1,297 deaths per one million people. In contrast, neighbouring Tamil Nadu reported 560 deaths while Karnataka reported 627 deaths per one million people. The national average is 382 deaths per one million people.
“The reason for this is because we are testing all suspected cases. We are screening even suspected Covid deaths and reporting in an honest manner,” said Kerala Government Medical Officers’ Association chief GS Vijayakrishnan.
Even though experts have called the present Covid infections mild, there is no respite from deaths. Now, though there is a drop in reported Covid cases and TPR, deaths remain high with 99 fatalities reported between July 31 and August 6. On average, the state is reporting 10 to 12 new deaths daily

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